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Headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Ehren Precision Speed Products brings a wide range of high-quality performance solutions to the serious competitive racer and outdoor hobbyist. From on-track, off-road, all-terrain and in-water motorsports, to racing bicycles and beyond, if it involves design of a unique part or system that brings performance up to your standards, we’re interested.

We started in short course off-road racing, engineering and machining chassis, suspension and drivetrain components for TORC Series Pro Light, Pro 2 and Pro 4 trucks. We’re confident that background has given us the skills and passion to meet your engineered component need, no matter the sport.

Short Course Off-Road Products

Ehren knows the TORC Series and off-road  trucks because we’ve been on the tracks and in the pits ourselves. We understand the needs of racers and racing, so we design and build the underdrive gearboxes, wheel hubs, spindles & uprights, steering parts and many more to last race after race without failure.

Each component is engineered to exacting standards and CNC machined using the highest-quality base materials and components. So you can be certain they’ll last this race and beyond, which can save you money and potentially races.

Get Your Start in a Short Course Kart

Across the Midwest, off-road truck racing keeps just getting bigger. Now we bring our full-size racing expertise to a new line of Short-Course Karts, developed specially for Midwest Off-Road Racing (MORR) competitions. Engineered for entry- to intermediate-level racers, Ehren’s Karts feature a 11.5 HP Briggs & Stratton World Formula racing engine and other safety and performance components.

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Custom Engineering & Design

In some cases, our customers face challenges that don’t have solutions already waiting on the shelf. At Ehren Precision Speed Products, we accept such challenges and welcome the opportunity to produce original prototypes and small-run production.

Give us a call with your specific situation, and we’ll be happy to explore design and fabrication options. When we produce the part you need, we can even make a few more if you’d like. That way, you’ll have spares on our shelves, ready when you need them with no time wasted.

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